Manufacture Sector

Textile and garment

Leather and leather products

Food processing and beverage

Metal work and engineering

Wood works including furniture

Traditional handicrafts and jewelries


Construction materials production

Construction Sector



Cobble stone works

Sub-construction for infrastructure

Trading Sector

Wholesale of local products

Retail trade of local products

Raw material supply

Service Sector

Rural and small scale transport services

Cafeteria and restaurant

Warehousing services

Tourist services

Packaging services

Management services

Municipal services

Project engineering services

Product design and development services

Landscaping , urban greenery

Security and cleaning services

Maintenance services

Beauty saloons

Electronics and software development

Decoration services

Internet cafe

Garage and assembly works

Urban agriculture

Modern animal husbandry



Modern afro-forestry

Fruits and vegetables production

Modern irrigation

Trainings - TVET


Formal TVET

Level 1-5 education after completing Grade 10 and 12 education


TVET Graduates in 2016


of Students study in public TVET Schools


The level(1-5) depends cut point on the Grade 10 and 12 national examinations that MoE decides every year

After checking that you qualify per the cut point set, you can go to TVET school and register for a program you are interested in


Both government and non-government schools provide regular (day time) and extension for students with day-time jobs

The programs have duration up to 3 years

After completion of study, graduates are expected to take standard competency examination(COC) specific to the program they studied except some programs that are exempted for CoC


TVET curriculum includes technical(sector specific) knowledge, particular learning entrepreneurship and kaizen courses

70% of the education is focused on practical learning through apparent-ship and practice within the school

TVET colleges develop their curriculum based on the occupation standards developed by the Federal TVET agency


Informal TVET

Short term trading for 1-3 months that any one can attend


Students enrolled in 2017

Informal TVET

Both government and non- government TVET schools provide short term training programmes for 1-3 month duration with no education level requirement. You can visit a TVET school, check which programs they provide and enrol to a program you are interested in.

Short Term Trainings

There are general and profession specific trainings provided by public universities, private sector, development partners and NGOs with duration ranging from days to months.You can find the list of trainings at and dereja.comIn addition, visit Gebeya and Gobeze for IT and business trainings respectively.

Training Firms for Entrepreneurs and job Seekers

Gebeya Talent

Provides trainings for IT professionals in technical skills such as coding and programming, application and website development, graphic design, etc...
Links professionals with employersWebsite


Gobeze is a consultancy firm that provides short term courses with immediately applicable skills trainings by practitioners. Topics include business development, marketing, career development, coding, etc..
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