Coordination Platforms

The Jobs Creation Commission is working to establish coordination platforms with public institutions, development partners.

Six coordination platforms for government institutions have been placed and operational with each platform having convened at least once since. At the top of the coordination mechanism is the Newly established Steering Committee for Jobs Creation and Investment chaired by the Prime Minister. The committee is membered by the deputy prime minister, Commissioner for the Jobs Creation Commission, Commissioner for Ethiopia Investment Commission, Ministers from 10 key ministries and all regional presidents. This committee meets every two months to continuously monitor and evaluate the progress in job creation.

The National Jobs Creation Council co-led by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia and the Commissioner of the JCC is also in place to monitor whether each government body is carrying out its role.

A Core Ministerial Committee, chaired by Commissioner of the Jobs Creation Commission is created which brings together ministers of key ministries once a month for the joint plan, report and review of job creation initiatives across sectors. A total of six Sub Committees (Behavioural Change, Skills Development and Capacity Building; Urban Job Creation; Rural Job Creation; Private Sector Job Creation; Public Sector Job Creation; Overseas Employment Sub Committees) each led by the concerned ministry/ies have been established by bringing together member institutions that have direct relevance to the specific sector. A core Technical Team that is hailed from ministries and the commission will implement decisions passed by the Core Ministerial Committee.

The Federal and Regional Joint platform brings together federal and regional job and employment related organs, finance bureau heads and planning bureau heads once in every quarter of the year. The rational behind this platform is, to create consensus on the modes of operation, planning, monitoring and governance of job creation initiatives, by region and city administration with the intention of creating ownership of the nationally set target. This forum is responsible to harmonise and cascade job creation targets, set priority initiatives, peer review performance and facilitate a coordinated leadership of the agenda across all administrative tiers.

National Jobs Creation and Investment Steering Committee

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